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Adult Kickboxing, Karate and Krav Maga are the three styles that are taught at Kicx in Gloucester.  Mix this with the “Samurai” way of finding inner peace, and you have a Fun class of self defence, while getting in the best shape of your life.  Try a class to see if this unique way of training is for you!

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No boring workouts here!

Adult martial arts class gloucester

Lose Fat and Tone Up!

In every class you will be not just pushed to your limit, but just beyond it.  This way in every session you will feel like you are progressing.  So physically you will feel and see the results quickly.  But, this is not the power in our programme.  After all a person can get fit by attending a gym right? Wrong!  most people do not get in shape at the gym because it is the same boring routine all the time.  In a kicx martial arts class, you will never have the same class twice!  Every class is fun and energetic.  Learning new combinations, and of course self efence!

Adult karate class gloucester kicx

Qualities Of A Champion

It is not what we are teaching you, it is HOW we teach it.  If you go to any martial arts school in the UK, I can guarantee that a front kick will be taught.  How it is taught though, can differ incredibly.  In our school we pay so much attention to “how” we teach things.  The programme The Six Qualities Of A Champion is used in every lesson to help students learn the move.  These six qualities are Focus, Technique, Power, Speed, Intensity and Outstanding.  You will LOVE it.  Instead of just learning a move, you are learning how to train like a champion.  BUT!!! The main reason we teach like this is because this method of teaching can be used for anything else!  In different areas of your life, you can use this formula.  Weight loss, relationships, work will all become easier when you implement the qualities of a champion!

Adult martial arts class in gloucester at kicx martial arts

Personal Development

I have been teaching for over 30 years, and I have been lucky enough to have martial arts in my life.  BUT. When I entered into the world of personal development, my life just made more sense!  I have studied under Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and Jim Rohn.  I have used the principles that they teach, and implemented them into the martial arts.  At it roots, martial arts has always been about helping a person become the best they can be.  Now, I have systemised a programme that intrudes people into the wonderful world of Personal Development, while you are being taught skills that are great for your own self protection!

Adult Kickboxing class gloucester

Self Defence

Nobody wants to have a fight.  Why would you!  Life is about enjoying every moment.  But, not everyone feels this way.  Some people in this world have mixed up ideas on life, and are looking for trouble.  Am I saying that we hunt out this people, and fight them.  Of course not, lol.  What I am going to say though is, life should be about hopping for the best, having an attitude of life is great, people are great.  But, preparing for the worst!  Be ready to defend yourself if you need too.  Just a few simple moves will enable you to realise that you can defend yourself in an easy way.  This gives you an inner peace, which no amount of money can buy.

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Character 1st

Kicking and punching is easy.  To be able to teach kids the real core values of Karate is a whole different thing.  Karate for kids is a journey into a world of principles.  Things like manners, positive attitude, self belief and focus are just some of the topics that are covered in the Character 1st life skill programme.  The kids have FUN, while learning self defence skills, getting fit and Life Skills.

Our Core Values

We are using martial arts as the vehicle to teach Life Skills. Even though I want the students to turn into wonderful martial artist, this is NOT my outcome.  My goal is to introduce the wonderful world of Personal Development to kids, no matter what age.  I do this by teaching the kids to punch, block and kick, and throwing in character education as I do it.  

The Kicx Family

Stephen Thompson Gloucester

Stephen Thompson is the chief instructor at Kicx.  He started training in Longlevens Gloucester back in 1979 at 10 years old.  He has travelled the world competing, winning 4 World Championships, Argintina 1992′, Italy 1994′, Canada 1996 and America 1998.  When he retired from competing back in 1998, he concentrated on his own Personal Development, and has been trained by world-renowned Life coaches including Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey.   He has taught around the World and in his home town Gloucester.  

Now he is a 7th Dan Black Belt (Kyoshi), has a Personal Training studio where he can train his students his own personal philosophies that he has gained from training in Karate for over 40 years.

Karen Thompson

Karen has been fundamental in the growth of Kicx and NBBS.  She started training in martial arts in Kingsholm, Gloucester back in 1995 and in 1999 she started in a relationship with Stephen and they were married back in 2003.  She earned her Black belt in not just Kickboxing, but also Wado-Ryu Karate. She helped develop the children’s programmes for our under six’s with her knowledge of early years teaching practices, as she owned a child care facility.  If you need any information on the special course’s, parents night out etc, she is the one to see. 

She puts together events for families to have fun, and makes Kicx not just a martial arts school, but a martial arts family.


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