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The Kicx Family

Stephen Thompson Gloucester

Stephen Thompson

Teaching the people of Gloucester Martial Arts is Stephen Thompson.  He is the chief instructor at Kicx.  He started training back in 1979 at 10 years old.  He has travelled the world competing, winning 4 World Championships, Argintina 1992′, Italy 1994′, Canada 1996 and America 1998.  When he retired from competing back in 1998, he concentrated on his own Personal Development, and has been trained by world-renowned Life coaches including Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey.   He has taught around the World and in his home town Gloucester.  

Now he is a 7th Dan Black Belt (Kyoshi), has a Personal Training studio where he can train his students his own personal philosophies that he has gained from training in Karate for over 40 years.

Life Story In Pictures

My Martial Arts History

Stephen Thompson with Chris Rudge back in 1979

Longlevens Karate Club

This is where I started training back in 1979. The instructor was Chris Rudge. He is a great Karate teacher, always very traditional. He opened up the world of martial arts to me. I LOVED training, I was hooked!

Karate Gloucester Boy A Young Stephen Thompson

Home Practice

I loved home training. Training with my dad was so special to me. Always will remember the “Hill” training with him. With ZOOM training now, students can train at home at get instruction from me

Karate Kid Gloucester Stephen Thompson

Won Association Trophy

When I got awarded this trophy the Master Instructor was Clayton Murrain. He has always been an inspiration to me. He told my father and I on that night, that one day I would be an instructor! Yeah!!!

Stephen Thompson Earns Black Belt in Gloucester

Earned Black Belt

When I earned my Black Belt in Wado-Ryu I was 15 years old. At the time the youngest person in Gloucestershire. I remember the feeling of having colour Black around my waist, love it, even to this day.

Childrens karate in gloucester

First Big Title

I loved teaching, but after a fall out with Chris I left the club. I still have friends from back then. When I look back this is one of the best things that happened to me as it pushed me to start my own club.

Thompson starts teaching karate in gloucester

First Club

I competed all over country and loved it. This was the biggest tournament I had attended; it was massive. I fought well and ended up winning the tournament. I loved competing, loved training.

Kickboxing Gloucester

British WAKO Crystal Palace

The World Amateur Kickboxing Organisation (WAKO), was a title that everyone in the martial arts world wanted. I had some great fights that day. After all was done, I was British Champion.

Kickboxing Man Wins Gloucester

Off To Madrid!

As I won the British Championship, I was selected to go to Spain and fight in the Europeans. In the team that I was in, was the fighters that I looked up to for many years. I could not believe I was in the same squad!

WAKO European Championships Madrid 1990

WOW - What a squad!

I got through to the Semi Final where I had to face a former World Champion. I won!! This put me through to the Final where I fought the current World Champion. Guess what, after a BATTLE, I won!!

WAKO European Champion 1990 Stephen Thompson

European WAKO Champion

It was the first time the National Anthem was played, and the flags raised. It was CRAZY! In the team I was one of the fighters that won a GOLD medal. I could not wait to tell my family back in England.

World Karate Champion Stephen Thompson

Italy World Championships

I then put all my effort in winning a Karate World Title. I had been disqualified the year before due to my opponent being cut. This year, I went through the whole tournament without dropping a point.

World Championship Squad with Clive Cooper

World Championships

What a squad this was. My own student Clive Cooper was very unfortunate. He got a Silver medal, but it was clear he was faster than his opponent. Clive was a great fighter, no fear at all.

Fighters magazine Gloucester Karate


When we got back, we were in the magazines. Now magazines seem a thing of the past, but I can remember waiting for them to come out in WH Smiths. I think I bought a few of them, just in case I never got in them again, LOL

Wado Ryu Superstar Kicx Gloucester

Superstar! LOL

I loved competing in Kickboxing tournaments as well as Karate. Loved traveling all over the world competing. Bermuda, America, Canada, Barbados were some of the hotter countries, perks of the job!

Mayor of Gloucester and Karate Instructor Stephen Thompson

Mayor of Gloucester

The reason I had this ceremony was because he wanted to acknowledge my accomplishment’s, not just competing, but my martial arts school. Funny how now, I am all about Personal Development for kids.

Terry Thompson Professional Boxer Gloucester

My Dad - Boxer

To label my father a boxer, is a dis service. He loved boxing, I loved his stories of his fights in Jamaica and England. Mainly though, he was a man that lived for his family. Always was, and still is my hero!

Mum and Dad Thompson

My Heros, Mum & Dad

Mum and Dad were both a massive part of my training, and of course my life. They really set the standards for everything. I have three wonderful sisters and an inspiring brother in Jamaica. I have been very lucky with my family!

Karen and Stephen Thompson married

My Rock - The Wife

My wife Karen gives me the energy to keep working hard, and pushing me to be the best I can be. She is a wonderful mother and wife. She runs the school with me, and together we keep our students happy.

The Karate Thompson Kids

Our Kids. Where is number 4?

Our first three kids, Ben, Sam and Chloe. I remember this picture, I was trying to re create a picture I had seen on the web. I was saying “be focused”. Well, I tried. They are all great kids, but where is number 4?

Karate Kid Gloucester

Here she is, LOL

Here is our last baby, LOL. Ashleigh. All our kids have trained in the Martial Arts. Training allowed them to be taught by not just me, but my team of Black Belts. Having positive people in our kid’s lives is important.

Everton Smith Newport Martial Arts

Everton Smith - NBBS

Master Smith run’s his own school in Newport. We have travelled the world together. He is a great friend; in actual fact he was the best man at my wedding. Together we have formed National Black Belt Schools

Karen Thompson

Karen Thompson

Karen has been fundamental in the growth of Kicx and NBBS.  She started training in martial arts back in 1995 and in 1999 she started in a relationship with Stephen and they were married back in 2003.  She earned her Black belt in not just Kickboxing, but also Wado-Ryu Karate. She helped develop the children’s programmes for our under six’s with her knowledge of early years teaching practices, as she owned a child care facility.  If you need any information on the special course’s, parents night out etc, she is the one to see. 

She puts together events for families to have fun, and makes Kicx not just a martial arts school, but a martial arts family.

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