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Principle Centered Living

The principles of flight are timeless. 

They have been around for thousands of years. The principles of flight are universal. They are the same no matter where you are in the world.

Below is a little worksheet from The Leader In Me Programme that I teach in my school.

Principle Centred Living Level 6
Principle Centred Living Level 6 2

Leadership Guide Companion

Principles include things like honesty, respect and courage.  When we base our choices on timeless principles, we enjoy greater success.  This is called principle-centred living.  Try to help your child get the benefits of living a principle centred life.

The dictionary’s definition of principles…

“a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning”

To help our kids live life through principles is so much better than building there life around other centres, such as friends, pop stars, or even politicians, lol.

What if we could help our kids understand that “raising your standard” is a principle of success?  To improve in anything a person has to try hard.  For sure, sometimes luck happens, but to build your life around luck would be foolish.  To help the kids understand that to get the best out of life, just like gravity is a principle, so is raising your standard.

If the belief system in a child is they can only achieve so much, then they have put a “physical” block in their growth possibility.  On the other hand, if they think that there potential is determined by them raising there standard, life will become fun and an ever growing experience.

Even if they do not hit targets they have set, it will not matter.  They will know that they have worked to there maximum, and in that, happiness can be found and experienced.

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